Fear of Heights

“Over the great bridge, with sunlight through the girders making a constant flicker upon the moving cars, with the city rising up across the river… the city seen for the first time, in it’s first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.” F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Composer Turns His Back

This is the rendered result of the recently posted facade studies. The 3d model was created in Cinema4D and then the final painting was done in Photoshop CS5. With this piece, I started with a design without any sort of environment to put it in. Si I simply settled on a city scene. For this one. It came out a little dark but I was happy with the sky.


Arch Study 001

This is a study for a new building facade idea that I had been working on recently. I used Cinema4D and experimented with the Poly FX and Moextrude modifier .


Bibles and Broomsticks

New image I completed recently that was supposed to be of an abandoned church interior. I saw a photo of this interior and decided to build a version in 3d and paint it in photoshop. I was originally inspired by the serpentine geometry of the pews. This illustration was less about color as it was trying to express the geometry of the overall space while at the same time portray the dominance of the light shaft coming from above.



I have recently been studying the fantastic water color work of Dusan Djukaric and wanted to work on a piece that tries to capture his color pallet. I am also working through design issues for the architectural language that is supposed to be based in a derelict setting.

wall_04 copy.jpg

Broken Umbrella

I have been working on this image for a few weeks on and off. It was inspired by a photo (b+w) of an entry canopy somewhere. I was going to make this a snow scene but chickened out. I was also considering making this a three panel image because I had a tough time deciding how best to crop.

Umrla_05 copy.jpg

Art and Artifact

Been a while since the last post. recently discovered the incredible work of Robert Bunkall. This rendering started out as an idea to display a rather simple art piece that I was thinking of. Lots of traffic at the base of some classical architectural fenestration. I was taken back by RB’s use of surrealism and tried to bring it into this piece. Thanks for looking, Cheers!



So happy to have been included in this show! Some amazing works on display at the A+D Museum. If your in the area be sure to check it out. A huge thank you to Eric Stultz and his team for there patience and guidance throughout the process. Congratulations to all the participants!


Four Women

A photo of an abandoned church like structure provided the impetus of this image. I wanted to create/design something more classical in nature. Although everything I do is completely digital, my efforts were focused on how best to manipulate the 0's and 1's into something hand crafted. With years of neglect, the roof had fallen in disrepair and was replaced with a new hope style skylight which helps flood the space with top light.





Mother and Child

The elevated train structures of the past have always been a fascination of mine. When I was in college there were still a few sections in and around Boston. All of which would be eventually eliminated. This rendering almost went in the trash on Tuesday (so aggravated). I had a scene but no subject. I had several sketch studies of: guys working, lifting stuff in place, cement mixer... I finally landed on a delivery truck bringing a sculpture to the site which made for a narative. This rendering was also about shadow study and the figural aspect of the built forms and the open sky - or whats left of it. 



Here is a recent illustration that I had created over the summer. I have been listening to more soundtrack music lately and this theme seemed to come from an idea of science fiction and exploration. I am not sure if the explorers are going to investigate something or if they are returning to something. I built this in 3d then painted in Photoshop cs5.



This illustration was first realized by an image I came across of an abandoned missile silo. The photo was taken high looking down towards an empty floor. So for me the question was how to populate the interior space. What story could it tell. From a technical standpoint, I also worked with the cloth sim in Cinema4D to help create the canvas 'structures' left on the floor. Below is a crop of an image roughly twice the height.

Dome_02 copy.jpg

Water Park

This project is a bit old but thought it came out solid. The client actually did not have much in the way of design and thus was tasked to fill in a majority of the intended narrative on the fly. Also been having some connectivity issues with my other accounts and need to test.

Blind Dog

So here is something I don't really feel is finished but if I continue to obsess over the details I may never be done with it (or I will make it worse). The image is a hierarchy commentary of sorts. Places to live become scarce so those on the bottom are literally living on the bottom. It was also a color pallet exercise trying to work with yellows and such. Thanks for looking.

The Lyseford Steel Works

I have been trying to pull together one new self commission work per month this year. So far I am sorta close. I wanted to create an illustration that was more natural than man made. My current digital pursuits have led me to take a closer look at the works of NC Wyeth for inspiration as it pertains to color depth. This rendering is of a mountainous railway repair shop based below a seriers of lifts which host the locomatives into position for repare and replacement.

Lecture Invitation

I have recently been invited to lecture at the New England School of Art this coming March 23rd. The subject will be architectural illustration with an emphasis on story telling. The lecture is open to the public and I am really looking forward to presenting what I have observed in this profession over the years.


Allain poster.jpg

Jonah's Tower

This was an idea I had started earlier in 2016 and shelved it because it was coming out so crappy. I had the idea of a tower constructed in a chaotic way but no good way of telling the story . How was it built: why, how and by whom? Sometimes I have a decent scene idea with no subject or the opposite problem - an interesting subject with nowhere to place it...

The Wave

Created this image recently that had to be bright yet under the protection of shade due to the extreme climate. I had worked extensively on the design which included the shade structures and whimsical towers in the distance. I designed the 3d environment in Cinema4D and embelished the entourage and color scheme in Phtoshop CS5


Design 3d study with no post work. This is a self inflicted project that is similar to how I design any architecture from the ground up. The design is deconstructivist in nature - which I like. The story is a bridge which is to low for larger vehicles to prowl the aqueducts so a new 'scab' is added which allows for higher clearance. This is just a progress shot. If it evolves I will end up painting it.