Holy Sun City

I recently collaborated with Qing Lu of AUL Creative in China on the Holy Sun City mixed use project. The image below was also selected for a Award of Excellence and published in last years AIP29 publication. The design was already established and my studio was tasked with creating an image that conveyed a sense of entry and spirituality.

2024 Boston Olympic Bid

Its been quite some time since my last post and my new years resolution is to take better advantage of my blog and other various social media outlets... Recently I was invited to be part of a local team to work on the 2024 Boston Olympic bid. I was thrilled that our city was chosen to represent the USA for the upcoming international  competition against some of the most iconic cities in the world. My roll was to bring vision and conceptual design to what a Boston Olympics could look like. Below is one of the first studies I had done...

Winter Walk

It has been reasonably busy these past few months so I have not had much time to blog. Here is an image I worked on that was a rarely requested winter scene. I researched a bunch of real photography and tried to use a grey/pink color pallet.


Finally, here is a detail of the existing structure. Several other illustrations for this project had been commissioned after this first piece. Great project and the clients where very interested in capturing both the design intent and the atmosphere of the space.  Not sure how close I got to achieving the desired atmosphere but the available photography of the existing space proved invaluable in trying to approach the volume and character of the structural mosaic.

Evening Illustration

I have not posted anything in a week or two. In some ways this is a good thing. Meaning; if I am not on MO that means I am here working in the studio on commissioned work. Luckily the studio has been a bit busier these days.

In any event; this small crop from a larger image (originally 20x11) is from a recent rendering that I created for a client. The intention is to capture an intimate scale village atmosphere in the early evening. At the same time the image needed to feel 'busy'. I am constantly trying to practice my entourage and digital painting method. Thanks for looking.